A bit of nostalgia

The PCC streetcar was waiting at Bathurst station when I was on my way to work this morning.

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Add your two cents about the Sheppard LRT

Shelley Carroll posted on her blog that there will be a community meeting to discuss the four new LRT lines to be built in Toronto bit more specifically the Sheppard LRT that is slated to extend all the way yo Morningside Ave.

To read more about the community meeting, please click on the link below.

Community Meeting on Public Transit

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Real time climate change and our inability to act

I came across this article from The Examiner online and it’s a fascinating read about the severity of climate change.

In the article, the author looks at March of 2012 and March 2013 and the weather events that have played out in those periods (i.e. Snowstorms, heatwaves, etc.) and what these events could indicate for the survival of humanity.

While the article may be a bit alarmist in tone at times it really does make one think about whether climate change is so severe that it is too late to do anything.

Click the link below to read the article.

Climate change: Is it game over for Earth?

Definitely worth reading.

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Ride for Heart in a little less than a month


In a couple of weeks I’ll be participating in the Ride For Heart. If you wish to help out by making a donation please visit my Ride For Heart Donation Page to make whatever contribution you can. Thanks in advance for your help. And if you’re participating in the ride, I’ll see you out there :-)

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32 @ 32

A couple of years ago, before I turned 30, I made a list of things to do while I was 30. A list that was  inspired by my friend Sam who made a 25@25 list for her 25th birthday.

I didn’t get through my entire list back then partly because of lack of funds and lack of time being a full time student. But now that I am out of school, I will hopefully have a little more time and money to get through my new list of 32 things to do while I’m 32.

My list consists of things that I didn’t get to through from my 30@30 list with a few new additions of things that I thought of over the past year that I felt might be interesting to experience with different people in my life or on my own.

1. Get Tattoo
2. Visit Tommy Thompson Park
3. Mediate in Buddhist Temple
4. Learn Sign Language
5. Learn Tai Chi
6. Get Psychic Reading
7. Watch Cirque De Soleil Live
8. Learn to Swim
9. Take Train to Random City
10. See an Opera
11. Learn to Play Ukulele
12. Take Photo at Every TTC Station
13. Learn to Fix Bicycle
14. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
15. Learn to Sew/Use Sewing Machine
16. Bike Around Montreal
17. Learn to Juggle
18. Go See Broadway Play
19. Play/Go Curling
20. Do Be Train Tour
21. Tour Local Microbrewery
22. Learn to Knit
23. Run Half Marathon
24. Bike to Niagara
25. Ride a Ferris Wheel
26. Ride a Unicycle
27. Visit Hockey Hall of Fame
28. Join Amateur Choir
29. Tour a Local Farm
30. Meet Tina Fey
31. Watch Parliamentary Debate
32. Ride Queen Streetcar Across the City

It should be an interesting year :-)

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